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Responsible Travel

Responsible travel is about the attitude you take and the choices you make when travelling - to respect and benefit local people, their cultures, economy and the environment. At Viet Prestige travel, we have always believed in three simple guiding principles for the way in which we want to travel.

 Every destination is someone else’s home

 Leave places as we would like to find them

 Ensure that communities benefit from our visit

Moreover, Viet Prestige travel’s dedication to responsible travel is the driving force behind our Environmental Policy. From the concept of environmental awareness to the choice of contractors and suppliers, here are our key guidelines:

 Respect & support to local customs and culture

 Use locally owned infrastructure for accommodation and transport

 Spread the economic benefits by patronizing a range of suppliers

 Offer real life experiences which promote cross-cultural understanding

 Inform our guests with clear guidelines on responsible tourism

 Provide opportunities for guests to interact with local people & the best possible value

 Take sustainable tourism seriously and ensure every individuals in the company to conduct the practices

 Limit the physical impact of trips in all destination communities – particularly sensitive natural and cultural environments

 Avoid the exploitation of the vulnerable - including women, children, animals and endangered species

Viet Prestige travel is committed to a style of travel that is environmentally, culturally and socially responsible and putting back into the communities and regions we visit by supporting many aid, development and conservation projects in these areas. With your participation we aim to operate in a way that conserves the areas we visit and bring positive benefits to local communities:

  We choose locally owned accommodation where available and local restaurants and markets for dining, retaining revenue in local communities.

  Our Directors facilitate communication of our values to guests and local communities, educating them in sustainable tourism practices.

  We employ local crew and guides to aid in guests’ understanding of local culture and etiquette.

  We offer our clients to experience cultures at first hand, offering greater opportunity for cross - cultural understanding.

Viet Prestige travel management board and staff play an important role, implementing our philosophy and coordinating projects in the field. We believe that our type of small scale, positive impact tourism can bring benefits to many communities, help preserve the environments we travel to see, and provide real and positive social exchanges.

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